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Goodbye dears.

Hi all. This will be the last little message here. The fact that I am leaving the Sims community. I'm leaving because of the lack of desire and inspiration, and just a little lazy. Besides, I have a health problem, the fracture of the radius (one offset), and also turning on the dominant hand, and I even if I wanted to work, I can not. But the blog will not be idle for nothing, I'll upload the photo here of my life (not photos), photos, simply. Good luck to you all. Goodbye.

Just post

Hi all! It's a little message about updating my blog. Sorry for the long delay in updates, I do not have time to do. Now I'm very active, the end of the first quarter. (In Russia, half, and quarter. At one school year four quarters). I want to finish the quarter well, and I have absolutely no time to create. When will the autumn holidays, I begin to work. Good luck, do not lose me^^
Unicorn xx

Important message

Hello! This post for troubles about meshes in archives. Please, sorry for that load files with hairstyles without meshes. I'm sorry for this inattention, from now on I'll try to upload files containing meshes.
I want to try to make posts with upcoming messages. How you treat this?
Hello! This is retexture of NewSea's Long Love Letter hairmesh. Thanks to lovely emiliasim, she makes this mesh for all ages.

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Make It Stop! - Paitings set

A long time ago, i think for a made set of something paitings, but thank dear falenne, she
inspired me. It's my first paitings, sorry for some crappy paitings. ~hoho~

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Newsea J099f Capriccio Pooklet'd

The Monster(pt.2)